Thursday, June 25, 2009

So fun, so clever

The Evelyn Clark baby bonnet is finished.

I spotted this little cap made up in a booth at Stitches South and just knew, deep down, that it had to be an Evelyn A. Clark pattern.

I was able to find out that it was included in the Vouge On the Go series - Baby Knits Two.

I dithered a bit about buying the book since I was really only interested in this one pattern. But (you may already know) Evelyn's designs are my one weakness.

As soon as I found out my LYS had the book, I caved.

The back crown is my favorite part. Isn't it sweet!
It is worked in short rows. The 91 stitches worked flat for the lace part decrease on either side of the center purl stitch and, with the magic of short rows, draw the panel down and in until there are just 7 stitches left! So clever!

I used leftovers of Regia Silk from when I made the other bonnet. It's perhaps almost too soft for this one worked on size 2 needles. Next time (oh, yes there will certainly be a next time), I'll probably use the Dale Baby Ull called for in the pattern.

I can hardly wait to make another!


Mary said...

Ohhhhh. . .that is nice!

Britt-Arnhild said...

What a beautiful baby bonnet.
If I ever become a grandmother I woud love to make something like this :-)

Susan said...

Oh I love that bonnet, I think I'm an Evelyn Clark fan, too. I made the baby bonnet from Hello Yarn and my daughter said it stayed on the baby the best. That's why bonnets are still around.