Monday, March 28, 2011

One misty, moisty morning

A wee FO

Pattern: Infant Socks by Judy Ellis

Yarn: Serenity by Premier Yarns
50% merino wool / 25% bamboo / 25% nylon

Needles: size 1 bamboo dpns

I found this little pattern years ago on the Socknitters website. There are loads of free sock patterns over there. As written, it makes a very small basic infant sock. I can often get a wee pair out of leftovers from my own socks. Generally I only adjust by knitting 8 rounds before the toe decreases, but this time I also upped the cast on number to 48 from the stated 40.

These, along with the book, will go to a friend who is expecting a son in May. I had a couple of other books in my hand before finding and selecting this one. I love, love, love Richard Scarry's illustrations, remembering them from my childhood and enjoying them again years later when my daughter was born. His little rabbits are so cute. Wouldn't you love to be an illustrator? I would.

"I'm not interested in creating a book that is read once and then placed on the shelf and forgotten. I am very happy when people have worn out my books, or that they're held together by Scotch tape." Richard Scarry

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Band H

The English Sampler doesn't see much action most weeks. In fact, last summer it hardly came out at all. Each horizontal band is identified on the chart by a letter and I have just finally completed band H. I think of that H as standing for Hump and feel I am finally over the hump.

You can see from the magazine page that I am about halfway down and that the lower half is whitework and those bands of drawn thread and pulled-thread embroidery are the reason that I chose this design in the first place.

I was inspired by some lovely work I saw at the Magnolia Sampler Guild's exhibit in September 2009. The next exhibit will be this September. Wouldn't it be grand if I had it done by then?
One can dream.

Friday, March 18, 2011

We now return you to our regularly scheduled knit

Obviously this photo is way over-exposed. Daylight-Saving Time and late afternoon sun to blame.

This is the project that drove me to a soothing EAC pattern.

There is nothing wrong with the pattern and I keep telling myself that, when finished and blocked, the stole will probably be quite wearable. It should brighten up black and even work with jeans. In fact, I specifically picked the yarn for the dark, rich blues. I just am having a hard time dealing with the stripes. All I can see are stripes.

After almost every purl row when I return to the right side, I stop and stretch it out over my thighs (that alone is enough to give one pause!) and ponder the stripes. I sigh and squint and silently encourage myself. I just know if this were more tonal in color that I would be knitting on it more.

This is yarn that I bought last April at Stitches South. Stitches South is returning and I'd feel a lot better if this was done and folded away for the summer before I headed off to the vendor market.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


the fear of colors

I don't really have a FEAR of colors. I like many colors - just maybe not together.* Well, maybe not hot pink. Or lime green. Nor pastels, really. Gee, this is becoming quite a list!

My wonderful interlude with Evelyn is over. Every stitch a relaxing joy.

I used her free pattern, Brimnes Lace Shawl. I don't think it is available outside of Ravelry. If anyone needed a reason to join Ravlery, well there you go! The KnitPicks Palette yarn softened up nicely after a Soak.

It immediately brought to my mind Civil War-era garments. JP actually likes it and says it doesn't remind him of Civil War clothing at all, but then he doesn't really immerse himself in period dramas or know all the scenes from "Gone With the Wind". It is the first shawl I've made that I might be self-conscious wearing out in public. Or the first one that I thought cried out for a rocking chair. Not that there is anything wrong with rockers. smile

In my bookmarks are links to blogs of creative folks who LOVE color, cannot get enough color, wouldn't dream of making a single object in ONE color alone. I love reading their posts and seeing their projects even as I know I could never let loose with so much color myself.

You may already follow this one - Attic 24. Lucy blogs from Northern England and has a terrific scarf FO in her current post. She most assuredly is not a chromatophobe!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post and her excitement and enthusiasm really came across as she shared the project.

*I make an exception for a rainbow of M&Ms.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday with Evelyn

After some chilly weather this week and a VERY wet day on Wednesday, it is a beautiful, sunny Saturday.

I should be taking advantage of the wonderful light to finish up the large floral band on the sampler, and perhaps I will get to that before the weekend is over, but today I returned to the EAC shawl.

I have no idea how this yarn is going to work out for this project OR if I will like the colors, but the working of the pattern is - as with all Evelyn A. Clark patterns - a delight. Things fall into place, the charts are clear and easy to read, numbers are given in the written directions. Just a soothing companion.

I've just added the garnet and have only about four more rows of the Old Shale pattern before I bind off. I think it is a crochet bind off, but I haven't really read that far ahead.

I wish I could see and handle the Icelandic lace yarn called for by the pattern before ordering it sight-unseen. Not sure why. I mean if it is good enough for Evelyn.....of course I'll like it.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


This particular EAC pattern grows 6 stitches every other row, getting wider faster than some I've knit in the past.

I was knitting happily along when all of a cable at the end of my needle. Fortunately it was not a disaster and I was able to recover without too much trouble.

I'm using KnitPicks Options which I just love. This particular 24" cable has been used quite a bit so I'm not terribly upset. Since 2 cables come with each length ordered, I still have a 24" and I've already switched to a longer length anyway.

I'll just order a replacement some time. I do love the KnitPicks cables even better than addi Turbo. I find stitches harder to count on the clear cables of the addi Turbo needles. I also find the KnitPicks cables to be much more flexible and I love that they are interchangeable and have the handy little end caps. Those end caps have come in handy a number of times.

Enjoying the weekend so far. Hope you are, too!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I heart M&Ms

I love it when the holidays overlap and I can just go straight from Valentine M&Ms into Easter ones.

The EAC shawl is coming along nicely. Never as much time to knit as I would like. In the meantime I have gone back and put several more rows on the Moody Blues project. Do you know it was more enjoyable! I think just working a bit with Evelyn made me appreciate the stitches more. That may sound odd, but I think it is true. Or maybe she just helps me enjoy knitting period.