Sunday, December 7, 2008

All dressed up and no place to go

I've mentioned before that I usually contribute a wreath to the Woodstock Public Library's annual Festival of Wreaths. I always do the handwork during the summer and get it sorted away so that when the reminder comes just before Thanksgiving I'm not scrambling around to come up with something.
This year I decided I wanted to try to knit a lace wreath and I used a pattern for a lace fan from "Piecework" as my jumping off point.
In real life it looks a bit better than this picture. It's been pretty gray and overcast around here lately. And there are some lovely red glass beads that don't show up too well in this photo, either.
It's was the Monday before Thanksgiving before I realized that I had not heard from the library. When I called I was told that no display would be put up this year. Participation over the years (this would have been my ninth), had dwindled. Well, bah humbug.
I guess it won't matter now that I was never able to find liquid starch and now I don't have to worry about pinning out the edge loops or even falling back on Plan B.


Mary said...

That's too pretty not to use. You could always use it as part of a festive centerpiece.

Sheri said...

Seems there are alot of craft type things that don't have the participation that they usually have. What a shame. I love your wreath, and if you click on the picture and make it bigger the red beads are easily seen. I agree with Mary, it would make a great centerpiece - how about with a candle in the center?
Happy Decorating.