Monday, December 8, 2008

If at first I dont' succeed....

Not quite - but closer.

Thanks to encouragement from a very kind fellow Ravelry knitter,

FloridaMo*, I attempted sewing on the edging to the Estonian triangle.

I had to pull out and redo the curve at the point but feel better about it now. Only trouble is I need to now pull out the WHOLE thing and start again. I have less length on one side than the other.

Live and learn. Good thing I have a goodly supply of holiday M&Ms on hand!

*FloridaMo is blogless, but I've linked to her Flickr pictures. She really turns out some beautiful shawls.


Mary said...

That's going to be a beauty!
Never underestimate the power of M&Ms!

Sheri said...

Remember, it's a "learning experience." Your friend in Florida does some beautiful work, and with such great colors! Wonder how she finds the time to do all that lace?
Sheri - who is feeling better, thank you.