Wednesday, December 31, 2008

the agony of defeat

It's called a counted thread em-
broidery for a reason!

You need to count.


I like the colors and think it will work overall, but for right now I'm going to have to pull out a quarter of that satin stitch section. It's two threads off! All because I failed to COUNT.

Oh well. What's time to a monkey?

[and these are not the subtly different colors called for by the pattern, I changed my mind.]


Sheri said...

Can you even see what you're supposed to be counting? I loved doing counted cross stitch till I came across those little tiny threads. Can't see a thing!
It's beautiful though, and I'm really sorry it has to come out.

Mary said...

I agree with Sheri. How can you see what you're counting? You must have very young eyes!