Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rice Pudding Kimono

Pattern: Baby Kimono by Kristin Spurkland
IW Knits - Summer 2005
120 yds/50 gr
color 98 - rice pudding
3 balls purchased ($8.25 ea) - about 2.25 used
Needles: size 3 Addi circular
yeah. Addi. I caved.
My husband asked if I'd like to make a baby gift for a coworker who is expecting a little girl in November. Well who can resist?
When everyone else knits in plain garter stitch, it looks lovely and modern and chic. When I try it, it screams Homemade and Novice Knitter. Screams, I tell you. But an important thing is that JP is pleased with it; loves the simplicity and loves the color (color??).
The Sublime Organic Cotton is wonderful. Wonderful. It is soft. It is nice to knit with. Some might say it's a tad splitty, but I had no troubles with it at all. And it is labeled as machine washable.
I don't have much experience at all with garment patterns. This one is knit in one piece and has you cast on extra and bind off some at different points throughout. There is a three-needle bind off at the shoulders and then you only need seam the sleeves underneath. It called for Rowan Wool Cotton which I'd love to try sometime, but I liked the Organic Cotton for this time and it was available in the color I wanted. Rice Pudding. Ummmm.....good enough to eat!