Saturday, November 10, 2007

Leaf Lace Shawl

Pattern: Leaf Lace from "Knitting Lace Triangles" -Evelyn A. Clark
Yarn: KnitPicks Bare laceweight - about 1/2 a hank, undyed
Needles: Size 4 KnitPicks Options circular
It's been finished and blocked for a few days. I'm not sure what will become of this one. I started it just because I needed some lace to knit. I may give it (along with the Cranberry Shawl) for a church auction.
Naturally, since I had no plans to keep it for myself [gee, I have plenty and more planned], my husband likes this one best of all. Know why? The color. The color! Really the lack of color!
I still think I'll probably pass it along. I have a ball of ivory Misti Alpaca Baby laceweight which makes a really fine feeling lace. If I'm going to have an ivory shawl, I'd rather have it in that yarn.
But two small shawls for $4.29? That's hard to beat.


Sheri said...

Men are funny, aren't they? When I was making quilts for everyone he saw one at Unicoi State Park that was all white and lots of quilting. That's the one he liked best. Just plain ole white.
Your all white shawl is very pretty, very dainty and I'm sure someone will be very lucky and very happy with it. I have a hard time giving my stuff away.

Mary said...

As always, beautiful! How many lace shawls have you now made?! Do you have a favorite?

Mary said...

I just noticed the Jekyll Island photo and the Miss Read quote. Love 'em!