Friday, November 23, 2007

Sampler Lady Bag

Sampler Lady Needlework Bag
Pattern: The Sampler Lady - Little House Needleworks

Did you notice? Two (that's right, two!) WIPs made it off the side bar and into the FO category. Hooray for long holiday weekends. No Black Friday shopping for me. I avoid that at all costs. Instead today I've had a nice time at home finishing up a couple of WIPs intended for Christmas presents.

For this bag I stitched only the lady figure with her sampler skirt and none of the additional surrounding design before making it into a drawstring bag. This is intended as a Christmas gift to a stitching friend.

I had a bit of frustration threading the twisted cord in the casing, but I'm quite happy overall with how it came out, particularly since I was using only a picture of a bag that I had saved from blog browsing earlier in the year.

With the finishing of this and the Tomato Soup Socks (more about those later), I've completed my gift stitching. From now throughout the holidays I can sit, relax, enjoy the lighted village on our mantle and have a calm Christmas. This will be easier by totally avoiding the mall and traffic in that area!

"Who does not thank for little, will not thank for much." Estonian proverb [noticed in a "Mutts" cartoon!]


Sheri said...

Too cute. You do such dainty work, I love it.
Wow, you'll have the whole month of Dec. to just enjoy. Wish I could say the same. With 3 kids and 3 grandkids, I'm going to be busy for the next few weeks.
Sheri in (SE) GA

Mary said...

Very sweet and pretty.