Saturday, February 16, 2008

Piecework Pincushion Challenge

Finishing. The bane of my needlework life. I never feel like my finishing work enhances the end product! I'm pretty sure this is why I prefer Hardanger pieces. Cut 'em out and you're done; no finishing. And knitted shawls? Bind 'em off and you're done; no seaming and no finishing. None of that tedious work that can turn a heretofore pleasing piece of stitching into a dissapointment.

My Hedebo heart pincushion is finished. I still have some write-up work to do, but the needlework is done. I'd say I'm 80% satisfied. I was able to complete it, so that makes me feel good and the idea I had at the outset (to make it into a little ottoman of sorts) actually worked out, so I'm pleased with that part as well.

And really! Did I really expect 100% satisfaction?

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Mary said...

That's a winner for sure! Very pretty!