Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Joy Attend You

Apr. 9, 1909
Dear Belle:
We were all glad to have a letter from you.
I think Mamma will be writing before long.  She has been about down with the grip but is feeling about as usual now and Lulie is taking her turn at it.  I have 30 little chickens out for Easter.  We had our potatoes planted yesterday.
With best Easter wishes

Loved this one!  I couldn't decide, though, how it should viewed.  The flowers and eggs looked odd to me if over on their side.   Easter was April 11 in 1909. 
What did Easter look like in 1909?  Here's a group photo posted on Flickr.

Friday, March 22, 2013

I've Got Peace Like A River

Spring is here.  Actually it arrived a couple of days ago - according to the calendar.  And it is easy enough to believe with absolutely EVERYthing budded and bloomed even if the thermometer hovers around 40+ in the daytime and dips lower at night.  I do not mind an extension of cooler temperatures.  I'm sure we'll have plenty enough heat later on.

Even with this cool spell I hardly need wool gloves but that's what I'm knitting and Boy Oh Boyardee have these ever been FUN so far.  I have had an unexpected free day to be home and have just enjoyed the relaxation of getting this project started. 

I ordered a couple of colors of Quince & Co. yarn.  Finch in two colors - Crow and Frost.  We have had both around the cul-de-sac these past few days. 

100% American wool : 100% Enjoyment

I've got peace like a river,
I've got peace like a river,
I've got peace like a river in my soul.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

more little Xs

With embroidery of the blue Simpler Sampler complete, I went right on to another project.  I cannot find a photo of the finished design to show you, but it is a Mary Beale design entitled "Glory of the Lord" and actually requires more than one color!  Consequently it is going much slower and is a bit less entertaining that the fun blue one.  Still the colors are soft and nice and I expect it will be just fine.  Again I'm sticking to basic little Xs and  no specialty stitches. 
Already I've messed up.  Sigh.  The intent was to put that geometric border in first as it would serve as a great guideline for stitch placement for the rest of the floral design.  I got over half done when I discovered I was using a lighter shade than intended.  Well!  That took the shine off.  Now my plan is to do all of the interior and decide how it looks.  It may be just fine.  If  not, I can always pull that out and restitch (although that sure doesn't sound like fun!).
Speaking of samplers and embroidery, do you read the Blue Garter blog?  She has a wonderful post on such a special piece of stitching that she inherited.  How I would love to see that in person as well as all the other goodies she mentions.  What a treasure
I also got a chuckle reading Juju Vail's discovery in an old sampler.  Inspiration is everywhere.
And  now, here are two totally UNrelated things:
#1 - an update on the tulip tree
in spite of the crazy back and forth warm and cold weather we've been having, the tulip tree has bloomed and was not severly affected by the couple of times that the temperatures neared or reached freezing.   This tree is near the post office and I always root for it to make it as it is truly lovely when all bloomed out.
#2 - Paper Lace!
Wow!  This artist is talented! 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Resting Place - for pins

So have you watched all the episodes of season 3 of "Downton Abbey" yet? 
I sometimes felt like the tug of war was with my emotions.  A lot happened in season 3, huh?!
I have to say that the plot lines often take second place in my interest to the all the wonderful costumes and lush set props.  Oh, my.  It didn't hurt either that the final episode took place in Scotland and, in addition to the magnificent scenery, we got kilts and tartans and some fair isle.
While searching around looking at images of costumes, I ran across a free pattern for cross stitch and made myself a pin pillow.  Considering all that took place this season, I stitched mine all in black and added a few jet beads to the tassels on the corner. 
Would you like to stitch one of your own?  Pattern is found here.
And if, like me, you enjoyed all those beautiful dresses, see more from the collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art here.*  My favorite may be this one but then I haven't had time to look at all 8,229 of them!

*found this link over at Mason-Dixon Knitting