Saturday, March 2, 2013

Resting Place - for pins

So have you watched all the episodes of season 3 of "Downton Abbey" yet? 
I sometimes felt like the tug of war was with my emotions.  A lot happened in season 3, huh?!
I have to say that the plot lines often take second place in my interest to the all the wonderful costumes and lush set props.  Oh, my.  It didn't hurt either that the final episode took place in Scotland and, in addition to the magnificent scenery, we got kilts and tartans and some fair isle.
While searching around looking at images of costumes, I ran across a free pattern for cross stitch and made myself a pin pillow.  Considering all that took place this season, I stitched mine all in black and added a few jet beads to the tassels on the corner. 
Would you like to stitch one of your own?  Pattern is found here.
And if, like me, you enjoyed all those beautiful dresses, see more from the collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art here.*  My favorite may be this one but then I haven't had time to look at all 8,229 of them!

*found this link over at Mason-Dixon Knitting

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