Friday, September 5, 2008

Cascade Booga Bag

Pattern: Booga Bag
Yarn: Cascade 220
1 skein (I think; label gone) color ? but lovely
Needles: 10-1/2 bamboo dpns
This is at least the second one of these that I've made and it's a fun, easy knit. In fact, I usually call it the Whitlock Wait Bag because I usually (as I did this one) knit it in the car during my morning commute while I am inching my way up Whitlock Avenue. There is one stretch where I am literally inching. [It's a 7-mile drive to work and it takes a minimum of 30 minutes!]
This one I decorated with some brads I ran across in the scrapbooking section of Michaels. Sort of like these. According to the receipt, I bought them 6/3/07; over a year ago and I know I had the bag knitted by the time I bought the brads. So you can see that this project has marinated for some time.
Now that it's finished, I'm wanting to cast right on for another. What could be more relaxing than knitting around and around? And with only one ball of yarn, there's no worries about losing that second ball.
Speaking of which, it's Day 4. If you're out there Melody and can hear me, turn yourself in. Come home and all will be forgiven.

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