Saturday, July 19, 2008

New sock bag

Perhaps I should have named this blog Bagplay!

It is hard to resist the call to make a new bag - especially when so many wonderful fabrics exist.

I loved this line of fabrics when I first saw it. You can't see the lining in this shot, but the lining fabric was the one I fell in love with first. [It is the third one down in the middle row of that previous link.] Only later did I return for a few fat quarters of the coordinating fabrics.

I had in mind a different bag. I have some fabrics left and may still be able to eek out the one I want, but I'm close enough to the LQS that I can swing by for more if needed.

But my first idea was put on immediate hold when I spotted this pattern tutorial. It's the perfect size to hold a sock in progress.


Mary said...

What a clever design! Pretty bag.

Sheri said...

You are a very good enabler! I've printed it out so i can try it. Very cute and who can resist a new knitting bag?