Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What? No alpaca?

I'm way off the beaten path here. First of all I'm knitting from a pattern not written by Evelyn A. Clark (shocking, isn't it?!) and secondly the yarn is not Misti Alpaca.

In a weak moment I bought some not-solid-color yarn. I may live to regret it. I certainly did with the Angel Lace shawl. This will be another knit where I make extreme judgements every other row. I love it. I hate it. It's OK.

It's a long way until I reach that pinky red patch. I have no idea what that will make me think.
I thought I had best stick with a very simple pattern for this Jojoland Harmony yarn and I picked Easy Lace Scarves and Wrap (AC-87).
There are only three right-side rows to this so I needed a simple way to keep track of my place and I didn't really want to carry the pattern around with me. Mary suggested I use an index card and paper clip. Great idea. Thanks, Mary.

I had been using my favorite rubber ring stitch markers and the KnitPicks Options needle. I've found it much faster going since I've switched back to the bamboo needle and the ridgid Clover markers.

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Sheri said...

That is a beautiful yarn! I bought some awhile ago but still haven't used it. I'm doing a Mystery Shawl KAL so can't start anything new.

Your hankies are beautiful too. I tried to teach myself to tat a long, long time ago but it didn't work. I love dainty things and tatting to me is THE definition of dainty.

I use sticky notes for charts if they're simple but I use a magnetic board I used for cross stitch, with magnetic strips to show my place. I've also used a colored pencil and just colored in the rows I'd finished.

You are very talented! Love looking at your projects, they're all so pretty.

Sheri in (SE)GA