Friday, July 11, 2008

No Sweater Necessary

Whew! Hot, humid, and hazy. That's pretty much a standard weather forecast for these parts in July and August. It's hard to be too energetic sometimes in the face of such heat. So much easier to sit in an air-conditioned room and knit something lightweight.

So why am I thinking of sweaters? Well, Mary and I have been batting ideas back and forth for some time. We've been thinking about maybe, someday actually knitting one. Someday being a vague point in the future.

In my cyber wanderings this evening, I ran across a baby sweater on the Berroco website.

I really don't think a baby sweater would qualify, but it might be a good practice tool. And who couldn't use an emergency baby gift? Just yesterday I had to brave Babies R Us and purchase gifts for a double baby shower that is coming up soon.

This free pattern caught my eye. This is listed as one of their top-10 free patterns. It also calls for their Comfort DK yarn. If you'll recall I had a roller coaster experience with this yarn earlier, but it would be an economical test.
All of this is just the idle ramblings of a heat-crazed knitter. Don't be the least bit surprised if you never hear about this from me again.


Mary said...

Go for it!

Sheri said...

I bet you can do it! I agree, go for it.