Friday, July 25, 2008

A Malabrigo Angel

The ever-colorful Jojo shawl was coming along nicely. The pattern is (as the name implies) easy and, with only three pattern rows, easy to keep track of the knitting. I think (I'm still not sure) that I will like it OK once it has been blocked, but every time a new bright color emerges from the ball it is a bit of a shock. And I've said before, it is a little difficult to knit on late in the evenings.
So I decided to have a little outing to the LYS. I wasn't really thinking of natural, but they had a couple of hanks of Malabrigo lace so I came away with one and decided to give the Angel Lace Shawl another go. That pattern deserved better than I gave it last time.
So far, so good. The Malabrigo is incredibly soft. It's also quite a bit more substantial than the Jojoland and feels more like knitting with fingering weight than lace weight so that has made a nice change as well. I would still like to knit this once more but in a semi-solid; something to give a bit more depth to the pattern. I just need the Perfect Yarn.

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