Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tomato Soup Socks

Pattern: "Thuja" from Knitty
104 yd/50 gr : 2 skeins color #115
Needles: Size 5 bamboo dpns

This is the third time I've knitted this pattern in this yarn. At least once I did use another colorway (but only because the LYS didn't have my tomato soup color). These are thick and I have always made them as "house socks". I can't imagine them being worn inside shoes. But the yarn is wonderfully soft and smooshy. Since I've never kept any for myself, I can't attest to how they wear, but they feel wonderful.

They are intended as a Christmas gift to the friend who stitched the lovely Redwork handtowel that is beneath them.

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Mary said...

Oooohhh. . . yummy!