Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Birthday Relay Socks

Pattern: "Chevron"* Charlene Schurch p 73
Sensational Knitted Socks

Yarn: Plymouth Sockotta
45% cotton / 405 superwash wool / 15% nylon
color 5618 self-striping

Needles: size 1 Boye dpns

My friend, Vickie, bought this yarn for my birthday earlier in the year. She was browsing in a yarn shop when she came across a sample pair, and having never seen self-striping sock yarn, was amazed.

I decided to knit a pair and give them back to her on her birthday - which is today. (Happy Birthday, Vickie!) Although this pattern is listed in the book as specifically for self-striping yarn, I'm not so sure it was perfect for this yarn. Overall it worked out well, but I found I preferred the look of the plain stockinette sole over the patterned upper.

*also I goofed and did round 2 as all knit; forgetting the two purl stitches in each 11-stitch repeat! And, of course, I substituted a heel flap because I couldn't face the forethought heel shown in the book.

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