Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Which is the Way to Baby-land?

The baby gown is done. The fun smocking part has been done for some time, but only today did I manage time at home long enough to set up the sewing machine and complete the construction.

The sewing is very simple but it always amazes me just how long it can take; ironing, some handstitching, and, of course, the photo shoot!

I had planned a very basic geometric smocking design in a light blue which I imagined either a boy or girl could wear. When I thumbed through my notebook of smocking plates, however, I found this little one of little lambs and couldn't resist!

It was fun and I think next time I'll try it in batiste.

"Which is the way to Baby-land? Anyone can tell; Up one flight, To your right. Please ring the bell.

What can you see in Baby-land? Little folks in white - Downy heads, Cradle-beds, Faces pure and bright."

excerpt from Baby-Land by George Cooper

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Mary said...

Beautiful! The little sheep are adorable.