Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Enjoy Life!

Happy New Year! Welcome 2008.

I don't generally make resolutions; at least not in the sense of formally writing them down. I might have a general idea of something I'd like to aspire to reach or accomplish. And everybody wants to lose at least the extra holiday pounds gained eating Seven-Layer Cookie Bars for breakfast, huh?

Last night I finally got to start my new shawl (yarn bought back in early November is Alpaca With a Twist - Fino in Evergreen). I'm doing "Miss Lambert's Shetland pattern for a shawl" - p 50 in "Victorian Lace Today". This will be my first time at trying to knit an edging onto a shawl, but all that is so far into the future that I don't even need to think of it for some time.

It's listed as intermediate lace I suppose because of that knitted-on edging. The center is a nice, relaxing knit of a 6-stitch repeat over 8 rows with all wrong sides purled, and because there are only 70 stitches, it moves along from row to row quickly.

The day began with an unexpected trip out and I was a little perturbed (understatement) at not getting to just stay in and knit. It's true, I think, that music soothes the savage beast. There was a special program on the radio, New Year's Day from Vienna, with Strauss waltzes and polkas and included one "Enjoy Life" which I quickly adopted as a New Year's Resolution.

Knitting needles click; a cup of tea scents the air. The new shawl begins!

Kimono shawl haiku from "Folk Shawls" - my first lace shawl.


Mary said...

I'll enjoy watching the progress of Miss Lambert. It's such a pretty pattern!

Sheri said...

When you get to the border just take it one stitch at a time and you'll be surprised at how easy it is. I did my first lace shawl about 3 years ago and I was a wreck wondering how I'd do it and then when it came to actually doing it and not just worrying about doing it, piece of cake!
Those 7 layer Cookie bars sound like my kind of breakfast! Well, my kind a year ago. Now it's Cheerio's, cause, ya know, it says it helps your heart and lowers cholesterol, yeah, that's me!
Happy Knitting and I look forward to watching your progress.