Friday, December 28, 2007

stringplay with pleater

Today started off with stringwork. Somehow, just because they usually see me with some sort of needle and string, my family thinks I am available for hemming pants. They could not be more wrong. I despise hemming pants. But as soon as the work was done and out of the way, I got started on a project I've had in mind for some time - a smocked baby gown.

Boy! It's been awhile since this pleater has seen any action. I'm not sure I even have any confidence that this project will turn out well, but I'm anxious to try.

I bought plain white flannel. I'm using a pattern that is so old (and basic) that I was unable to find an internet link. It is quite similar to the "Baby Bishop" shown here.

I plan a very simple geometric smocking design at the center front only. I absolutely love the handwork involved in smocking. I am not terribly fond of the construction of the garment on the machine. It was fun when I was doing for my own little one, but it is more like work when I'm doing it for a gift. We'll see how this one goes. (If you never see it again, you'll know I bombed!)

SAGA (Smocking Arts Guild of America) can be found here.

I'm sure the world of smocking has changed a good deal since my primary smocking days, but babies probably have not!

PS: that little wooden spool holder in the background was custom made for me by my talented father-in-law after I showed him a picture. It's so handy and is a fond reminder of his many talents.

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Mary said...

I'm fairly sure that your smocking will be beautiful!