Saturday, June 28, 2008

If it's Summer, there must be weddings

I married the day after Christmas so I cannot imagine getting married in July when the heat and humidity are so unrelenting. Still summer months remain the most popular.

A childhood friend of my daughter marries in two weeks. I've watched her grow into a lovely young woman and for many years I worked alongside her mother in PTA. I was very graciously included in the bridesmaid's luncheon today and I carried this little hankie with a tatted edging for the bride's mother.

This was a easy and slow project.

I started the tatting in early April and only worked on it now and then when I thought about it and felt the urge. Summer seemed to arrive before I knew it and yesterday I wondered if I even had enough done to complete it. Sure enough I lacked only a few rings to have enough and I got it sewed on last night and even managed a photo before leaving this morning.

It was a lovely day among friends at The Swan Coach House, a delicious lunch and a yummy swan dessert!

"Young bride -- a prayer for thee, That all thy hopes possessing, Thy soul may praise her God and he May crown thee with His blessing." -Martin Farquhar Tupper

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