Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Right Tools

Doesn't look like I've accomplished much, does it? What can I say? It was a busy week. And the busy coupled with the heat was a lethal combo.
I did manage to make it over to the LNS and pick up a little more linen so that I could try to finish up my little snow boys. That is #7. My enthusiasm for this project is waning, however. I've had to unpick several times and that never endears a project to me.
Today was Worldwide Knit In Public Day. The Whole Nine Yarns in Woodstock even sent me a reminder e-mail, but I was Too Lazy to drive all the way up there. I'm sure it was fun and I sort of hated to miss it; just not enough to drive up there apparently!
Instead I went to my LYS and bought my first ever Addi Turbo circular needle! Where have I been? Hiding under a rock? Not really. You know I love my dpns, but the Green Bead Experiment was getting a little unwieldy on dpns. I had transferred it to string to make sure it would lie flat. Once I got it transferred back onto the Addi, it was smooth knitting. Maybe I can finish this up soon. 'Bout time for a FO, wouldn't you say?
Oh, and I may have bought a ball of sock yarn. Not that I have the Panda Wool Roza's finished.
Sheri and I have been e-mailing. We've been discussing the fall fiber festival, SAFF and thinking we might have a virtual retreat since we aren't sure we can get away to a real one anytime soon.

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