Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just to cleanse the palate

It wasn't long after I finished the Estonian Garden shawl that I was itching to start another. So I did.

I'm trying some yarn that I may end up sorry I bought - Jojoland Harmony (color HC06). I thought it might work if the pattern was simple so I'm trying Fiber Trends Easy Lace Scarves & Wrap (AC-87)

Trouble is the yarn is dark which makes it less than fun to knit in the evenings. I needed a little something to perk me up. Also shawls take a long time to knit. (Well for me anyway.) I wanted some instant results. What is more instant than a dishcloth?

Isn't the color wonderful? Guess what it's called. Country Stripes. Does it look like Country Stripes to you? Not to me. Sure it stripes, but call it Oceania, call it Tidepool, or Tropic Stripes.

Oh, well. I like it. This dishcloth is Friendship Chain-2. I liked it a bit better than the Free Pattern! that came with the label. What to know what it was? Cast on 37 and knit every row then bind off. Some pattern. I'm sure glad it was free!

1 comment:

Mary said...

I'd rename it, "Eating lime sherbet on a summer afternoon while seating by the ocean." Very pretty!