Monday, December 17, 2007

Selbu Mittens? Ja!

Pattern: #7 Damevott from "Selbustrikk"
Yarn: Dale of Norway (of course!) Baby Ull
#0020 cream and #0083 charcoal
165m/50 gr - less than one ball each color
Needles: Size 0 and size 1 bamboo dpns

I love them! I love the 'paper doll' part at the wrist best of all. In fact, the paper dolls are what led me on my QUEST to find this book.
I changed around the #7 pattern somewhat. In the book this mitten does not have the floral part in the cuff above the dolls. Instead it has a rather longish striped basic ribbed cuff. I didn't care for the stripes and I really can't get enough of repeating patterns, so I plugged in this part from another pattern.
They are quite snug, especially at the wrist, which is why I went up to size 1s. Once again, making things that come in pairs meant that I had to duplicate something in the second item that I would have preferred changing. I was lucky enough that they came out the same size anyway. Mitten 1 was finished back in April! Reading about someone else's problem with gauge issues on a second mitten made me resolve to wait no longer in finishing these.
Will I ever have my complete bunad? Who knows. But at least I've got mittens!


Mary said...

Lovely! The wrist floral motif is so pretty. I love that you personalize the mittens--they're a real heirloom.

Sheri said...

So, so pretty! I'm partial to dolls of any kind so love that part. I'm working on a pair, but much simpler and trying to get them done for my Mom for Christmas but I think I'm going to run out of time. These dang socks for the Baby Girl are taking forever cause she's home from college for the holidays! Jeepers.
Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

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Kathie said...

Oh, these are wonderful. I like the paper doll part too. SOMEDAY I'm going to dive into multicolor knitting. When I get brave.

Anonymous said...

Your mittens are so beautiful! I can appreciate every single stitch that went into the making of them. They look like they belong in a museum! Thanks so much for sharing the photo and your story!