Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wash on Monday

Some time back I found the Little Houses dishcloth pattern and loved it so much I decided to make a complete set in all solid colors. By the time I had collected more solid colors and knit the second one, I decided it would be more fun to make them using different patterns.

Then I decided to make seven, one for each day of the week, for a new bride. I'm not kidding myself. I seriously doubt she'll be that thrilled to receive them. I rather fear she'll hate them and hardly know how to seem thankful. Still I think they are quite useful, so who knows?

Would you like to make some, too?

Red and blue ones on each end: Little Houses
Bright green: Checkered
Eye-searing Orange: Lacy Mock Cable Cloth
Tan: Harry Potter Golden Snitch (she's a big Harry Potter fan!)
Yellow: Alex's Cloth

Gee! When did they knit??


Mary said...

I think the bride will be thrilled! They're lovely.

Sheri said...

Bloglines hasn't been letting me know of new posts so I'm way behind on reading yours. Gosh! Your shawl with the Fino is gorgeous! I bought some of that when I went to the Yarn Harlot talk. The embroidery is so elaborate! You are really good at those. I can't see the little squares well enough anymore, and I'm not old! And I think the bride to be will love the dishcloths, the kids now-a-days love everything retro! My Grandmother was a rug hooker and did the days of the week on a hooked rug that hung over her stairway forever with all that written on it.
Nice to see you're still working away, whether knitting or embroidery.
Sheri in (SE) GA (the other place that had the tornado's!)