Saturday, March 1, 2008

a knitting lull

With the Arctic Diamonds shawl complete, I was a bit at a loss of what to cast on next. I thought I would be visiting a few yarn stores in the next few days and I hestitated to start anything in case I found a really exciting yarn or project and wished I had waited.

So instead I went to the drawers to see if I had any design and possibly some linen for gift. I found both, so I started this little bit which is planned to become a small pin pillow.

I liked the pattern when I saw it in 1997 in the magazine. I thought it would be fairly quick to stitch. But I settled on some linen a bit finer in weave than specified and the flame stitch requires meticulous counting. Bah! That means I'm using the around-the-neck, really annoying, magnifier. I'm almost done with round three and only have the dark green outer round to go so soon I can dispense with the noose. Then I'll only have the interrupted four-sided stitch 'frame' which is a much faster stitch to make.


Mary said...

How pretty--are those strawberries?

And Arctic Diamonds really looks stunning against the red door!

Nessa Z. said...

Very beautiful and intricate work! Instead of a magnifier, I had my eye doctor make me a pair of bifocals specifically for doing fine work. Magnifies the work, and I can also look up to read my pattern, or catch a peek at the TV.