Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Three Tenors

"I laughed when I saw him,
Who comically stood
With his bright eyes of coal
And his gay mouth of wood.
His nose was a carrot,
So pointed and thin,
And a deep dimple sat
On the end of his chin."
---Grace E. Easley

The snowmen tree skirt project is finished. I'm pleased that this project came together and fairly painlessly. It started when I saw a magazine ad for something similar from The Company Store which was happy and nice, but $79. [sorry. direct link eludes me.]
Holiday stringplay is finished for the season. Anything else I decide to start will not be intended to be finished by Christmas.
I can now give my full attention (a laughingly small quantity) to the RED shawl. I'm pleased to say I'm on the third and final chart. Knitting a pattern that decreases with every row has real advantages. I could get spoiled. [Evelyn A. Clark, I hope you're listening.] There is, of course, a long, long separate edging to be knit and then sewn on. But we won't worry our pretty little snow heads about them just yet.


Mary said...

What a wonderful Christmas tree skirt! Your work is just perfect.

Sheri said...

I love it! That is adorable and I'm sure the happy recipient will love it too.
Happy Thanksgiving!