Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Natural Light Needed

I am working on the red shawl. I promise. Granted I don't get very many rows done each day. In fact, on good days I get a whopping 2 rows done. But I've finally decreased down below the 200 stitches mark so I'm feeling a bit better. Will it be done in time to wear Christmas? I have very serious doubts. But since I didn't start it with that in mind, I hope I won't be too disappointed.

Instead I finally got around to another project that's been percolating - and one I hope I surely do get done soon.

Sometimes there can be just a very subtle difference between floss colors. Since I intended to take the blog photo outside anyway to get the best lighting, it only made sense to audition the colors while out there. [probably keeps the neighbors scratching their heads about me, too!]

In the past I've always aimed to end any holiday stringplay by Thanksgiving. I don't need any stress of working on gifts right up until the last minute. I do much better without those kind of complications. Well, Thanksgiving is almost here. Yikes. Time to get this project done.

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Sheri said...

Very nice. It's going to be so cute!
No stress for me this year. My Darlin' Husband said he'd like to get the kids their Christmas gifts this year, as well as his in-laws and our Grandkids. I told him to go for it, and good luck. The girls said "Mom has to do stockings, you wouldn't know how." Can't wait! So, I only have to get 1 gift, and that's for Santa himself. ;o)
Sheri in GA