Monday, November 24, 2008

The Elf and the Sockknitter

....or my first step to becoming a Net Granny.

I think Kay and I are about to play a variation on the folk story, The Elves and the Shoemaker.

Kay, [the elf in this senario] in spite of turning out record numbers of dishcloths, isn't ready to embrace the purl stitches in a sock, but would still like a pair of handknit socks. Who wouldn't?

You can see the bag, recycled from our now-closed LYS, has made a couple of doorknob drops already. Today it was hanging on my doorknob and two balls of nice cotton/wool/nylon blend sock yarn were inside.

I get the fun and Kay gets the socks. But probably not by Christmas, Kay. You know I work best at a relaxed pace. Besides, Mary beat you to it. I got a bag of yarn from her on Saturday!

[more about my plans for that loot later]


kaylace said...
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kaylace said...

I can live with the role of being an enabling elf. When I saw the sock yarn in the "clearance bin" I just knew that it was leaving with me. The added bonus of getting a real pair of "Sonja Socks" was not in my plan...... but it does work for me.

And believe me... slug that I am about finishing up my projects, I'll not put any time limits on anyone else.

Enjoy the process, Miss Sonja...

Sheri said...

You are a very lucky person! If I had one friend around that was a knitter I'd be very happy. Not a one. Zilch. Notta. Zero. Just me and my blog friends.