Friday, November 21, 2008

In search of mate.
The first sock is done. I usually don't have any problems with Second Sock Syndrome. I don't mind knitting the second one and usually start in as soon as I have the time.
I'm calling these my Leave It To Beaver socks, but I'm using Nancy Bush's pattern, Gentleman's Fancy Sock from "Knitting Vintage Socks". These are not going to be beauties, but I think they'll get lots of wear and be warm. I changed the heel just because I didn't want to deal with that purl seam stitch down the middle, but I kept the wide toe just to try something different and I think I like it.


Sheri said...

I sure hope your poor little sock finds a mate soon, there are toes out there that are going to need warmed! I have my hand knit socks on right now, and I keep thinking I should get out the book and start another pair. Atleast 2 pair each winter. Hate knitting them but not even slippers keep my feet this warm.

Enjoy the weather.


Mary said...

Very nice looking sock! And I see that you've made a good start on the second one.