Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Red Light Special Hat

Pattern: Red Light Special hat
by BrooklynTweed
Deep Navy, Alpine Frost, Pesto, Grey Wolf
Needles: Size 6 dpns
a set of cheapie Susan Bates and one lone bamboo
why, oh why don't Bates come in sets of 5??
A nephew specifically asked if I'd knit a hat. I sent him a few online pattern links and he chose this one. Secretly it was my favorite as well. I loved the warm colors of Jared's, but the nephew asked for blues and greens. I really dithered over the color choices and, in retrospect, feel that the light grey is really too light, but I'm OK with it. (I doubt the nephew will care.)
My biggest challenge was getting the nerve to try the provisional cast on and the turned hem. The pattern was wonderfully written and, thanks to the full paragraph that Jared devoted to the wet blocking, I even did that exactly as he said. [who knows how long it will take to dry!]
I hope it fits. Overall - especially now that it's DONE - I'm pleased. I'll send it off to college to the nephew and will go back to some comfort knitting.
The KnitPicks yarn made this a very affordable project. The hat took almost the full ball of the main color, Deep Navy, but there is quite a bit of the other, especially the light grey and lighter blue; certainly enough (I think) to do another hat with just one more $1.99 ball of Deep Navy.
a little fall color there in the background - a pot of mums my Mother gave me!

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Mary said...

The hat looks wonderful!