Saturday, October 6, 2007

A Balm for the Soul

The picture is a little washed out. It was late in the afternoon and a bit overcast when I took this shot. What is it? Well you certainly can't tell from this shot, but it is the beginning of the Hardanger apron; a key component of my bunad.

Didn't know I was Norwegian? Well, I'm not. Where in the world do I plan to wear this get up - assuming first of all that I even ever get it made? Who knows. It's just another of my crazy ideas.

Before knitting seemingly took over, Hardanger embroidery was about my favorite needlework. I still really enjoy it, especially when I have a nice long block of time to sit and stitch.
Today was (finally) just such a day. And what a balm to my soul it has been. Sometimes I fear I am overly fond of spending quiet time alone. I love to sit and stitch and let my thoughts wander.
I don't have a timeline for this nutty project. I thought I'd introduce it here so I'd have something to look back on to help me see how long it takes. Obviously there are many more pieces needed. I may need to do some beading. And I'm gonna need some buckle shoes!

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Sheri said...

HM Queen Sonja, what a beautiful outfit that is! I'll have to follow this now, it's gorgeous. I used to do a lot of cross stitch but now it's all knitting. I don't even sew much anymore and used to love making quilts. I'll watch you do it. Never heard of a bunad before, now I know what it is if I hear the word.
Can't wait to see the progress.