Sunday, October 14, 2007

Good news, Bad news, Good news

If it doesn't look like too much of a mess here, then it's due to being 'cleaned up' and posed for the photo.

Good news is that I finally overcame my fear and started the thing. Bad news is that I'm almost sure I picked the wrong yarn (Swish superwash DK) for the inside hem. Good news is that I'm finally past the hem stage and got the provisional cast on released and knit together with the hat. Bad news is I'm not sure if I should have waited one more round to do so. Good news is that it is a tad easier to manage now. Bad news is that I still have no idea if it will fit OR if I'm translating my colors to the pattern properly.

Can you tell this is still a very IF-y project? Good news is I love the colors I picked!
(KnitPicks Telemark in Deep Navy, Alpine Frost, Pesto, and Grey Wolf)

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Mary said...

From here, the hat looks like good news! It's lovely.