Monday, October 8, 2007

Of Ships

Today's picture is a bit clearer. Still white on white is not the easiest to see. [click to enlarge]

The embroidery uses two weights of thread with the heavier (in this case size 8 pearl cotton) used for the satin stitching and kloster blocks. Satin stitch stars are characteristic of traditional Hardanger embroidery as are ships. Ships (so named because of their resemblance to Viking ships) are often worked in groups.

The ships on this piece are at the four corners of the larger star shapes (see one just below the spool of thread). As soon as I've finished the last ship I can switch over to the finer thread (size 12 pearl cotton) and work any pulled stitches. Then I'll be ready for, what is for me, the most fun part - cutting and removing fabric threads and then the decorative needleweaving.


Mary said...

I learn so much from you! Looking forward to seeing this piece develop.

Sheri said...

This is really getting interesting! Wow! I'm really amazed at how tiny that is. And you can see this? And you don't go cross eyed? Do you count the threads on Hardanger? Well, it looks beautiful.
Sheri in GA (who's on her way to the mountains of GA for some cool breezes. See you next week.)