Monday, October 22, 2007

When lace gives you lemons, knit a dishcloth

After the colorwork cap was finished, I didn't have anything in particular in mind to knit. Since I had a half of a hank of KnitPicks bare laceweight left over from the Kool-Aid dyeing sometime back, I decided to cast on for another of Evelyn A. Clark's lace triangles. This time I thought I'd knit a single pattern only - the leaf lace.

I had really been craving some smaller needles and lace repeats. I love this leaf lace pattern and was having a grand time. I wasn't even counting every row. It was so relaxing. (can you see where this is headed?)

This morning I got a row in before work and for some reason thought I'd just count to make sure and, of course, was off! Grrrgh. 97 stitches on one side and 99 on the other half.

So instead of tinking back and fixing it, I decided to grab the Emergency Knitting kit and start a dishcloth. It's still lace, still YOs and K2togs and SSKs. And I'm back to counting, because I don't want to mess up and tink this back. But the difference here is the stitch count is much smaller and remains constant.

The little bit shown above doesn't tell you much, but you can see the pattern here. I'm doing Little Houses-2.

{Isn't that Red Cross bag too cute? Mary from Snit 'n Knit sent it to me in a surprise goodie package. I have no idea where she found it originally. I keep it in the car with a ball of dishcloth cotton, size 7 needles and copies of a few easy patterns.}

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