Thursday, December 6, 2007

Electric Back-Patter

Emergency FO.
Time to get out the Electric Back-Patter.
How is your Christmas To-Do List?
I had a few things on mine today, the most pressing of which seemed to me to be finish up the cards for mailing tomorrow.
But I was tired. And cranky. And irritable. (Is that the same as cranky?)
All I really wanted to do was knit. Luckily a coworker's daughter went into labor today. Well, luckily for me. I've never met the soon-to-be-mother, but a baby hat seemed in order. And although I don't really have much of a stash, I happened to have this pink superwash yarn on hand from when I had tried to reintroduce knitting to my mother-in-law. So I came home and whipped out the baby cap from "Last-Minute Knitted Gifts". That one has an I-cord instead of a ribbon and mine may too soon, but I'm auditioning this polka dot grosgrain for the photo op.
I'm beginning to relax and feel better. It helps that my husband is in the kitchen making my breakfast for in the morning.....Seven Layer Cookie Bar. What? You don't eat that for breakfast? You should try it.
So, anyway, Gold Star for me. In addition to the little cap above, I also managed (all by myself; without resorting to the manual) to get the time changed on my cell phone. Apparently am Technological Genius. In our house whenever I show off something I've just finished, my husband often says "let me get out the electric back-patter".
Am feeling much better and may even get those cards finished up before time for breakfast.
How do you like the little "vintage" Santa? He's a never-burned candle I bought with my own money when I was 9. The price sticker on the box says 62 cents. He got a little too warm one year over the summer and so he leans a bit now. But it wouldn't be Christmas without him!


Sheri said...

The little hat is adorable! Sometimes knitting little things that can get finished quick is a good thing. That's what I've been working on, just little gifts. Mittens, fingerless mitts and now trying to make socks for the Baby Girl.
I'll try the 7 layer cookie for breakfast! YUM I'm a sweets lover and ANYTHING sweet and or chocolate for breakfast is my favorite!!!!
Love your mittens. The ones I did were just the squirrel and oak leaf. Hoping to make Mom some a little fancier. NO STRESS!
Sheri in GA

Mary said...

A Seven Layer Cookie Bar for breakfast would certainly be a mood lifter! The hat (and ribbon) are very cute.