Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Family I Married

Sometimes (more so in the past than lately) I play with materials other than just string.
About 33 years ago I made this little family of 5 clothespin people to represent my then boyfriend and his family. My father-in-law died this past summer and in clearing out things from the house the 'family' was returned to me - in pretty good shape I must say, and still in the custom wrapped box! Although made as ornaments, they sometimes stood on a block of styrofoam on the piano.
From left to right they are: My father-in-law a lifelong scout leader awarded the Silver Beaver; my mother-in-law the town's librarian; my now-husband who played on a city league soccer team; his sister, a cheerleader at Southern Tech (now renamed); and his other sister in the high school choral group.
They are a fine clothespin family and they are an even finer real family. And they all have better hair in real life!


Mary said...

Adorable! What sweet memories they hold.

Sheri said...

They are adorable! You have so many talents! Memories sure do become more vivid this time of year.
Sheri in GA