Friday, January 11, 2008

Putting the 'play' back in stringplay

If this group won't put the play back in stringplay, I don't know what would! Aren't these colors great?!

I decided that part of my problems with the lace stole was inability to concentrate. It is January after all; my busiest and most hectic time at work.

Now why these little dishcloth patterns - essentially still lace - are easier is a puzzle, but that's the case. I did one of the Little House ones in October and immediately wanted more colorful string. By the time I acquired it, the itch was gone and I had moved on to another project. But pulling it all out and starting some more was just what I need right now.

That orange one ("Sunburst" according to the label) is so warm. It may be my favorite. The pattern is Lacy Mock Cable and would make a very nice scarf I think. In fact......with a few more repeats it might make a very nice lace shawl!

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Mary said...

Wonderful cheery colors!