Wednesday, January 9, 2008


The shawl from "Victorian Lace Today" which I described as a "nice relaxing knit" kicked me good, not once but twice. The first hiccup I had decided I could live with, so I continued knitting. But the second was a complete disaster. I must have gotten off a half repeat. At least that is all I can imagine.

So with over a quarter of the repeats done, I frogged the whole thing and rewound the yarn.

Needless to say the shine was off that pattern, and I've decided to go with a different one altogether and have chosen Artic Diamonds Stole from the Winter '06 IW Knits. Seeing this one really inspired me.

The first step here at stringplay? ENLARGE the chart! And maybe if I keep better notes, I won't lose my place this time. Fingers crossed.

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Pat said...

I've had the Arctic Diamonds stole sticky taped since the day I got that issue - Your's will be beautiful in evergreen!
(Sorry about the frogging, but maybe this one will be even more beautiful!!)