Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Doorknob Drop

Kay came through for me in spades again. Some time back I was browsing around some blogs (no kidding) and ran across some beautiful tatting here. In particular, her lovely motif 16 caught my eye. She listed this book, Tatting from Burda, a Lacis publication, as the source.

Motif 16 utilizes 'block tatting' - seen as those denser, square areas. I have some back issues of "Anna" magazine, but, of course, not the issue with that lovely cover piece.

I found it available through one of my favorite online sources, Nordic Needle. And I thought perhaps I had even seen it at a Lacy Susan vendor booth at the March lace club workshop.
I e-mailed Kay and it turned out she had it; thinks maybe she even bought it in March. AND, since she was headed out my way this evening to a Bible study, she'd do the Doorknob Drop and bring it to me! What service!

Ooohhh. This is a nice book. There are some lovely pieces. I can't imagine finding the time or commitment to make it, but look at this wonderful blouse.

I need more time!! And possibly, more string.

And the cherry on top? Kay, as usual, included a treat with the Doorknob Drop - a lovely pen - made to look like a twig with a little ladybug on it! How neat.

"The balm of life, a kind and faithful friend."
Mercy Otis Warren 1728-1814

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Sheri said...

That is one craft I never could learn. I tried, lots of times. Looks like a beautiful book. You have lots of talent!
Hope all is well with you.
Sheri in SE GA