Thursday, September 6, 2007

Oodles of Options

I bought the size 4 KnitPicks Options needle tips and cables and first tried them with the Swallowtail. Too slippery for me. And they felt a little heavy as well. My Kool-Aid yarn is not quite as fine as the suri alpaca so I thought it was time to give them another try.

I'm really liking them with this project. The stitches slide so well over the join. No slowing down to coax pesky YOs along.

And Evelyn Clark gives me lots of options as well in her Knitting Lace Triangles book. Pick a pattern repeat; plug it in, and knit away.

I'll admit to not being too advernturous this first outing. I'm pretty much doing her Sand Dollar Shawl which alternates just two of the patterns and she's already mapped it out for me. I thought this would give me the best feel for how this whole thing works.

I've got to come up with another name for this shawl though, as Sand Dollar is not expressing this just right. I'm thinking of something with 'cranberry' in the name. Cranberry Garland maybe?

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