Monday, September 17, 2007

A Wonderful Weekend

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Oh, what a wonderful weekend. May I lead off with a weather report? We had a hint of fall this weekend. Sure there were times when it was a little too warm, but there were also breezes and enough of a coolness to make a Southerner believe that there might really be a fall - a reprieve from endless hot weather.

This weekend in September always seems to offer more opportunities than time. For many years I happily sat with fellow lace makers at the Sandy Springs Festival. Somehow the weather was always nearly perfect. When I felt the breezes on Saturday, I immediately thought of my friends and knew they would be having a wonderful time. I hope to be able to join then again.

On Friday I left work early and Mother and I had lunch before heading over to the biennial quilt show sponsored by the East Cobb Quilt Guild. As in years past, it was a terrific show. It is a perfect time for Mother and I to spend some easy, fun time together enjoying a common interest. Mother's only handwork is quilting and although I don't really quilt, who doesn't like fabric - and color - and design? Repeating geometric patterns always please me.

There is always a good selection of vendors as well and this year there was a vintage textile and used books room. I found some really nice hankies for only $1 each! Those uppermost two have the finest delicate tatting. I will give them a good home.

And in a perfect coincidence I found this lovely shamrock hanky at one booth and later the perfectly matching green vintage tatting thread at another. Together at last! Perhaps one day I'll sit and tat a lovely edging to complement these shamrocks.

We eventually made our way over to the corner where the challenge quilts were displayed so we could look for my friend Kay's entry. This challenge was "Windows" and a plaid fabric had to be included. Kay's window was a porthole. Didn't she do a fantastic job! I loved hers. So 3-D. And the wavy quilt lines reinforce the feeling of seeing underwater.
On Saturday I went to Bulloch Hall in Roswell, the childhood home of Mittie Bulloch, President Theodore Roosevelt's mother. The Magnolia Sampler Guild's biennial exhibit was there. This guild has some really talented and productive members. There were so many beautiful samplers and stitched pieces on display. There were quite a few Quaker samplers displayed which I really enjoyed.
A friend and former co-worker, Linda Telling, will be teaching a piece (A Ladies Sewing Companion) she designed in November so it was a treat to see this displayed. Linda does just beautiful work and has her own business doing the finishing work for other stitchers.
It's enough to make one feel inadequate! Good thing I have healthy self-esteem or that WIP list would start to bother me!

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Mary said...

I don't know what to comment on first! What a weekend!