Saturday, July 26, 2008

Almost there!

I've just started knitting the edging chart on the Angel Lace shawl. This Malabrigo lace yarn is just so soft! I keep wondering how blocking is going to affect it.

I'm hopeless at gauging yarn amounts. That ball is about the size of a lemon. I'm guessing it is plenty for the edging but not enough for another full pattern repeat and then the edging. But who knows??
This has been a pleasing interlude of plain vanilla [like the good stuff with the great vanilla bean bits in it]. I think I'll be satisfied to return to the colorful land of Jojo when this is completed.
In the meantime I'll link to a YouTube video just e-mailed to me by a lace club friend. Sadly there is no narration, just music, but the technique is amazing.
Now that is real stringplay! A bit more information here.


Sheri said...

Hi. That lace looks way to eye straining for me! But it sure is beautiful.
Love the "Vanilla Lace" you're doing. I love lace in white but have yet to do any in that color.
Still working on the Goddess Knits Anniversary Shawl which is sage. On clue 4 of 5. Joined another one for next month.
Still around, just quiet, busy and getting ready for the Baby Girl to go off to college.
Sheri in GA

Mary said...

The shawl is like a sorbet that cleanses your palate before you move on to tastier things.

It looks very pretty!