Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Move Over, Bozo

...there's a new kid in town.
My friend, Kay, is a quilter and she's used to challenges. Her quilt guild and other groups she is in often have challenges. Usually these involve being given one or more fabrics, quite often bright or busy prints, and being challenged to use them in a particular way or to dream up a quilt on a specified theme.

You may remember the very clever one she did last year when the theme was "Windows".

Well Kay has spent this summer at her cabin on a lake in Minnesota. She and a quilting friend stumbled into Amazing Threads thinking it was a quilt shop only to discover it packed with yarn. Since Kay is always generous and often sends me goodies, especially when she's off in MN, she decided to get me something.

Her letter said "I thought you needed something outside your usual color scheme and this could put you over the edge".

This yarn (Sakura by Noro) is every bit as colorful as my friend Kay. I opened it just as I finished binding off the Plain Vanilla Malabrigo shawl and I spent the next couple of hours rooting through patterns and searching around Ravelry for the perfect project. And do you know? I think I found it!

I won't post a picture of what I've managed to get done so far just in case Kay stumbles over here, but it's on my Ravelry projects page.

That Kay. She keeps you laughing!

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Mary said...

Very cheery, happy colors! The project is perfect!!!!