Monday, September 1, 2008

Some Xs and a few Zzzzs

Not much knitting around here this weekend. I raced to finish the first ball on the Blackberry Bramble scarf only to discover the second ball has gone AWOL.

It is nowhere to be found!

I have decided to stop looking. Except about once an hour I think of something and go have another look.

For instance, I've taken out the sofa cushions three times. Not there the first or the second time? It must be there the third time! Such logic.

I've gone through bags, drawers, gotten the flashlight and peered under sofa, chairs, and tables, tried the trunk of the car. Was I robbed?

Kay says she's heard of several instances of random yarn thievery, that it's a growing problem, and that the police are stumped.

Luckily I have a fab new embroidery kit to distract me. Those lovely overdyed silk threads are a real solace. I've gotten the middle stitched and have started on the over-one verse that surrounds it. So mostly this holiday I've put in little Xs on the kit and caught a few Zs for relaxation. Not a bad way to spend a 3-day weekend.

In the meantime I've instituted a Yarn Amnesty Program. If it chooses to come home on it's own by the time I get this finished, there'll be no questions asked.

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