Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Welcome to Jojoland

Second Verse. Not the same as the first.

I went looking for some sock yarn. Now I already had a ball of sock yarn (actually two) but I wanted, or thought I wanted, something for a pair in the latest IW Knits. Really I think I may have just wanted to go to the yarn shop. Perhaps you can relate?

None of the sock yarn seemed just right. Instead, a shop sample of scarf and some more Jojoland yarn, this time in fingering weight, caught my eye.

The pattern is "Teal Forest" and the shop sample was done in the wonderful blue/green color shown on the pattern sheet. I'm going instead for this dark purple-y/red that reminds me so much of a pint of ripe blackberries.

Unlike my last Jojo ride, this one doesn't change colors, but only shades within one color. I'm hoping it will block out nicely and look more like the pattern and shop sample.

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