Saturday, August 16, 2008

Healthy Obsession

1: a persistent disturbing
pation with
an often
able idea
It's not disturbing really.
I quite enjoy it.
If you can't read the writing on the bag, click to make it larger. Then you'll see that it's covered in knitting terms. : )
This clever fabric was a gift from Kay. (I told you she spoils me!) She picked it up in a quilt shop in Dahlonega on one of her Shop Hop tours. It would make a nice lining to a larger knit bag, but I'm currently working through a Box Bag phase. Too bad the little charm on the zipper pull doesn't show well in the photo. It's a yarn ball with knitting needles!


Mary said...

My goodness! You and Kay find the *most* interesting fabrics! The bag is very, very cute.

Sheri said...

Love this one too. And the baby sweater. Adorable. Have to send my Mom to Dahlonega to check out the quilt fabric AND that fabric. You sure are a busy person!