Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Loathe Blocking Wires

This is the third time I've used my new blocking wires and I haven't grown any fonder of them. I like the neater edges they help produce. I do NOT like threading them nor staying on my knees all bent over for so long coaxing the blunt ends into wet wool.
I do, do, do love, however, this pattern. It's Fiber Trends AC87 - Easy Lace Scarves & Shawls done here, obviously, in the shawl width in stockinette lace. It's three very similar right-side rows and all purl on the back side.
I'm hoping this dries in time to take to knit night tonight because I'm mailing it off to someone before next meeting. I think when all is said and done (yeah for done!), that I may just really like this Jojoland Harmony after all.


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Wow! That is really beautiful.