Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Chance Encounter

Just one night away from home can sometimes be quite restorative. We didn't feel we could be away from home too long right now but longed for at least a quick getaway so settled on an overnight trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Weather really cooperated and it was much, much cooler with fine breezes and no humidity.

Naturally I did a little pre-trip surfing to map out a couple of yarn shops.

Friday I visited The Yarn Circle in Murphy, NC. It was a very nice shop and I was pleased with my few purchases. (There is no way I can start on any of it yet though as I'm a bit buried in WIPs at the moment.)

Saturday was a bit warmer, but still nice and I set off for Silver Threads and Golden Needles in Franklin, NC. Since their website mentioned tatting and cross stitch, I was looking forward to seeing how they combined everything into one shop. Turns out it is actually three shops in one. The front (and larger) room is devoted to yarns and primarily knitting. The center room is weaving and had some lovely items displayed and several looms warped.

I really cannot tell you too much about these two rooms though because as soon as I walked into the center room my eyes went to a Hardanger lambrequin (valance-like piece) hung at the top of the doorway into the back stitchery room. It was a tiny room simply filled with embroidery floss, pearl cottons, fabrics, and design booklets.

And who do you think I there met? The owner of the Needlework Nook, Linda Abel. Linda Abel is a longtime needlework designer. I recognized her name as the designer of several pieces that I have admired and a number of which I've managed to stitch. What a thrill! So many of the pieces that I have seen in books and needlework magazines were there 'in person' for me to see up close. We talked for the longest time. She even has (that elusive of all items; the missing piece to my Bunad) - a blouse pattern! And she took my name and address and offered to share it with me. Imagine!

So you will understand after all this that I didn't feel like I could stay (and keep the husband waiting) any longer. I never got a chance to really look at the Habu in the yarn room or discover what tatting supplies they carried. But we have promised another trip back up in the fall when the weather is cooler.

The piece above is one of Linda's that I stitched from the Spring 1999 issue of "The Needleworker" (no longer published). It was a 2-part feature and seemed like the perfect introduction to stitching the lacy edge. The other pieces of Linda's that I have stitched were given away. But not to worry. Linda so very graciously shared a few of her now out-of-print designs and I came away with the supplies to start another - this time to keep.

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Mary said...

WOW! What a wonderful story!